For over 22 years, Carol Zulman has passionately pursued landscape and portrait photography. She says, "When I'm behind the camera, I'm truly in my element--joyously alive and focused on the exquisite essence of the moment." 

Through her international background--Carol grew up in Canada and lived for many years in South Africa--she brings her life long observations and deep interest in human nature to her photographic work, using an eye for detail, harmony and nuance to capture unique moments in life.

Carol shoots images throughout the world, from across North America to Asia, Europe, Israel, New Zealand, South America and South Africa.  Awarded  the Merit of Excellence in 2022 for Architecture and the Honor of Distinction for Nature in 2019 in the International Color Awards , a First Prize by Photo Life magazine and  multiple distinctions in a variety of worldwide competitions, her commercial work appears in The New York Times.

Untitled photo

           Photograph by Kathi Mangel